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Codonopsis Pilosula, Radix Codonopsis

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English Name: Codonopsis pilosula, Radix Codonopsis

Chinese Name: Dang shen/Tang shen

Latin Name:  Codonopsis pilosula, Radix Codonopsis

Specification :

       1)Length 0.3-0.9cm ,Diameter 0.4,0.4-0.6,0.6-0.8cm

       2)Length 4-6.5cm , Diameter 0.4,0.4-0.6,0.6-0.8cm

      Whole: Length 20-38cm ,Diameter 0.4,0.4-0.6,0.6-0.8cm

      Powder: 80-120mesh

      Granule: 10 mesh ,20mesh

Original place: Gansu, China

Active Ingredients: Polysaccharides

Part Used:  Root

Color: Light

Package: Carton or Plastic bag

Storage: Keep in cool &dry place

Applications: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplement

1) Radix Codonopsis is an excellent blood tonic and a major immune system tonic.
2) Its blood building quality makes it especially good for people who are weakened due to illness.
3) Radix Codonopsis is extremely effective at relieving chronic fatigue. It is mild yet has powerful strengthening

effects, especially on the digestive, respiratory and immune systems. 
4) It is rich in immune stimulating polysaccharides which are beneficial to everyone. They have also been

shown to be useful in supporting the immune systems of people with cancer who are using the herbs in

conjunction with conventional cancer therapies.
5) Radix Codonopsis has been demonstrated to have radiation protection activity and can be effective in

protecting cancer patients receiving radiation therapy from the side effects without diminishing its benefits.

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